PvP/PvE Dino Tier List

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PvP/PvE Dino Tier List

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So, I really want to see how the community here at ARK would consider how useful Dinos are in each server setting, a PvE and PvP. Now this list will likely never be finalized and is a community created tier list. I'll list some basic rules so that everyone can understand how the tiering will work. Tiering goes from S (Best rank) to F (Worst rank). I will have preliminary rankings that will be discussed and unranked creatures as well. Unranked creatures will be the highest point of discussion! Let's be civil here, no flaming and be very constructive with your thoughts and opinions. Posts such as "I think (insert creature name) would be good in A" aren't very thoughtful and expressive, and likely won't be taken into consideration. If enough people vote on a creature to be bumped up, we will begin testing said creature and it's abilities in that specific area. If it absolutely outclasses everything in that tier, then it will be 'banned' from that tier and will move up to the next tier. For example, if the Rex was in the same tier as say the Carno, and everyone found it was to overpowered compared to everything in that tier we would test it and if it proved to be too overpowered then it'd move up to the above rank. If it didn't outclass everything by a long shot, then it would remain in that tier. Also, if something is too weak or not as useful as other creatures in that tier and is absolutely outclassed by everything in there, it would move down a rank.

-PvE Tiering: In this tier list, it will be focused on a creatures abilities against the environment and it's utility in providing resources for players. Kibble charts are not taken into consideration, this is solely for a creatures usefulness in the PvE aspects of the game. (This can be taken into consideration for PvP worlds as well when not engaging in PvP aspects of the game.) What is taken into consideration is mainly utility. For example, if a creature harvests highly demanded resources or very useful resources it will rank high, if a creature doesn't do much and just sits around in a base doing nothing but laying eggs, it won't rank highly. Even if it's eggs are used in kibble that is highly demanded.

-PvP Tiering: In this tier list, it will be focused on a creatures abilities against other players in warring and raiding. Weaker creatures rank lowest on the list and stronger creatures rank higher on the list. What we take into consideration here are things such as raw power, bulk, and utility in wars/raids. For example if a creature can effectively destroy base protection and infiltrate a base it will rank high, if a creature dies too easily and doesn't benefit a raiding/warring tribe much at all then it will rank lower.

Without further ado let's get to the rankings!~

PvE Tiering

S Tier:
(Creatures in this tier are the best of the best in a PvE environment. Many tribes seek to tame these creatures for their amazing utility and near perfect strength)
Brontosaurus (Great carry weight. Large AoE Thatch/Berry collector. Platform.)
Castoroides (Wood/Berries collector. Portable Smithy.)
Dung Beetle (Fertilizer/Oil producer.)
Giganotosaurus (High damage, weight, and outstanding meat collector)
Mantis (Most versatile mount being able to collect nearly anything.)
Mosasaur (High damage, tanky, great carry weight, platform saddle, best prime collector)
Oviraptor (Makes creatures produce eggs more frequently.)
Quetzal (Great carry weight, carries most creatures on island, platform, flyer.)
Rock Elemental (High health, tanky, great carry weight, collects stone, obsidian, sand very well)

A Tier:
(Creatures in this tier have few flaws or are barely outclassed by another creature, they also have great utility to very strong, advanced tribes)
Argentavis (Great carry weight, can pick up some creatures on the island, flyer, decent damage output)
Beelzebufo (Collects Cementing Paste from dead insects, deals torpor damage, and great land/water mobility)
Diplodocus (Great mobility and carry weight, carries multiple people, gathers thatch and berries well.)
Direbear (Collects Fiber, meat, and berries very well.)
Doedicurus (Just outclassed by Rock Elementals. Good weight and stone/obsidian collector)
Dunkleosteus (Collects oil and stone very well, tanky and good carry weight)
Flame Wyvern (It's special attack has a very strong DoT, and like the other wyverns can pick up some creatures on the island)
Lightning Wyvern (While it does torpor damage, it can't knock anything out due to being too powerful, luckily you can get rid of pests easily with it's breath)
Mammoth (Collects wood very well, tanky, and has great carry weight)
Paracer (Rivalling the Diplodocus, it collects thatch and berries while also supporting a platform)
Pelagornis (Collects Organic Polymer very well, and can walk, fly, and swim, only suffering from low carry weight and not being able to carry creatures.)
Plesiosaur (Good damage and carry weight, platform saddle, collects prime very well)
Rex (Good carry weight, great damage, and great meat collector)

B Tier:
(Creatures in this tier have great utility for flourishing tribes or have a unique gimmick that comes in handy in many situations)
Allosaurus (Pack bonus makes for a great hunting mount with a DoT bleeding effect)
Direwolf (Great chitin collector and useful in cave runs, with a pack bonus too)
Gigantopithecus (Collects fiber very well while on wander, but only on wander)
Megaloceros (While it is the best thatch collector, only the male is useful, and it is kinda frail and has low carry weight)
Megalodon (It's an okay sea mount, decent damage output, carry weight, and bulk)
Morellatops (Actually stores water, good health, speed, and carry weight, collects various materials as well)
Poison Wyvern (Not as useful as the other wyverns in this setting. It's special attack isn't as reliable as the others)
Sabertooth (Does exactly what the Direwolf does without a pack bonus, but has a saddle to give it bonus armor)
Spinosaur (Weaker and slower than a Rex, but quick in water and has some good stats)
Tapejara (Carries three people, decent carry weight, amazing air maneuverability, but with low health)
Thorny Dragon (While not very strong, it has good carry weight, a ranged attack, and can support a Smithy saddle)
Woolly Rhino (Collects thatch and berries, good carry weight, great health, and has a very deadly skewering attack)

C Tier:
(Creatures in this tier have great uses for early players or have certain gimmicks that can prove useful in certain situations)
Archaeopteryx (Mobile parachute comes in handy, and they also collect sap while hooked to a redwood tree)
Arthropleura (An AI setting for being a turret makes this creature a nice natural defense against wild creatures)
Carbonemys (While it's slow, it has high health with some great carry weight, making a nice portable storage box)
Carnotaurus (Weaker Allosaurus without pack bonus and DoT effect)
Dimetrodon (It's a living Air Conditioner, which makes hatching eggs less painful)
Ichthy (Good sea mount, very quick, easy to obtain, and actually has decent stats)
Lystrosaurus (Gives bonus EXP to nearby creatures and players)
Procoptodon (Fast, good carry weight, and decent health.)
Pteranadon (Very useful flying mount with great speed, but poor carry weight and health, can carry few creatures as well)
Pulmonoscorpius (Deals torpor damage, decent health, low carry weight, somewhat fast)
Sarco (Good damage output, slow on land, fast in water, decent carry weight and health)
Stegosaur (A good berry/thatch collector with great carry weight and health)
Triceratops (Basically the exact same as a Stegosaur)

D Tier:
(Creatures in this tier have certain gimmicks that can prove useful in PvE, but are outclassed by other creatures)
Angler (It's only useful for it's lighting in the deep sea and decent carry weight)
Araneo (Only good for slowing down creatures you plan on taming)
Kairuku (Does what a Dimetrodon does, but not as well)
Manta (A pain to tame and if you're not careful it can beach itself. It's very quick though and has good damage output)
Mesopithecus (Gathers berries autonomously and throws poop.)
Moth (A beginner's flying mount, can't carry creatures, and can't attack)
Pachy (Deals torpor through headbutting and has decent health, but suffers from low carry weight and speed)
Parasaur (Very useful for beginner players, providing a quick mount with decent health and carry weight)
Phiomia (Actually surprisingly useful even to endgame players, it provides a LOT of poop)
Raptor (Fast beginner's hunting mount. Deals decent damage but with low carry weight and average health)
Terror Bird (Not exactly a terror after tamed. Only useful for certain cave expeditions, but even then, isn't too useful)
Vulture (A pain to tame and only useful for spoiling meat quicker)

F Tier:
(Creatures in this tier have next to no utility for players in a PvE environment)
Compy (It's too weak to do anything other than sit on your shoulder, has a pack bonus though)
Dilophosaur (Weak, slow, only useful for starting players)
Dimorphodon (Similar to the Compy, it's weak and dies easily, it doesn't even have a pack bonus either)
Dodo (Does literally nothing but lay eggs)
Gallimimus (Very weak, next to no carry weight, and only useful for transport)
Jerboa (Despite being super cute, it's just plain useless)
Onyc (It really has no use. Even Dimorphodons are better.)
Titanosaur (Limited tame, no use for PvE, costs way more materials and time than it's worth)

PvP Tiering

S Tier:
(Creatures in this tier are the best to use when it comes to PvP, their sheer power and utility make them the absolute best choices)
Giganotosaurus (By far the best solo mount damage dealing creature in the game. It's got a lot of health, carry weight, and damage output with good speed)
Mantis (Low risk with high reward, being able to wield melee weapons, and being the most versatile mount makes it very, very dangerous.)
Quetzal (Great bulk, it's a flyer, has a platform saddle, and can pick up just about anything on the island. These can tear a base apart in minutes.)
Rock Elemental (It may be slow, but it may be the tankiest creature in the game, it has a devastating ranged attack and melee attack, and can tear through stone in seconds)
Titanosaur (Only placed here due to how quickly it can devastate bases and tames. If it were a permanent tame it would need it's own tier, it's that good)

A Tier:
(Creatures in this tier are very useful when warring/raiding and have few flaws when it comes to PvP)
Allosaurus (The pack bonus and DoT bleed damage is insanely good)
Arthropleura (Being a natural turret and melting armor and melee weapons makes it very deadly)
Bronto (A massive tank with a large AoE attack. Supports a platform as well allowing it to carry many tribemates and creatures into battle)
Carbonemys (Surprisingly very useful for one thing: eating bullets from Auto turrets, it's very, very tanky)
Doedicurus (It basically does what the Carbonemys does)
Lightning Wyvern (It's ranged attack is very, very dangerous. Not only does it deal torpor, it can melt through health and tanky creatures, like other wyverns, it can also pluck riders off mounts)
Mosasaurus (It actually has some use due to having a platform saddle and dealing a large amount of damage and being tanky, it's relatively quick too)
Poison Wyvern (It's poison bombing attack can allow you to bombard bases and players from safe distances)
Tapejara (Can carry 3 people allowing two players to attack while one pilots, has insane air maneuverability making it hard to hit, can cling onto walls, and can pluck players off of mounts. Only thing holding it back from S tier is it being frail.)
Woolly Rhino (It's bulky and can build up speed as it runs, and when at max speed can deliver a fatal blow to most creatures)

B Tier:
(Creatures in this tier can prove useful in many situations but have some flaws when it comes to PvP)
Archaeopteryx (While not having any direct combat use, it's use as a parachute can save your life)
Castoroides (Has great melee and speed in both water and on land, with some good carry weight and health)
Direbear (Great melee attack, health, and carry weight, and can get in and out of battle very quickly)
Dunkleosteus (Actually destroys stone structures quickly and has high health to tank lots of hits)
Flame Wyvern (While it has a very strong attack with DoT, you need to fly in close to deal damage with it, and you will most definitely take damage yourself)
Gigantopithecus (It can surprisingly deal a good amount of damage with large knockback, and is able to throw you over walls)
Paracer (It has some good damage output with it's stomp attack with some good bulk, and it can support a platform saddle as well)
Procoptodon (It has some bulk, and is a great raiding tool, as it can jump over 4 walls and has great carry weight)
Pteranodon (Very useful flying mount, it can pluck riders off of mounts, it is very fast, but the only thing holding it back are bolas and being frail)
Rex (Actually outclassed by the Allosaurus in PvP, it still has great bulk and damage output, but lacks any bonuses or additional effects)
Sabertooth (Only beats the Direwolf by having the bonus of a saddle for boosted armor)
Spinosaur (It is basically a slightly weaker Rex, but it has the bonus of having all terrain versatility)

C Tier:
(Creatures in this tier have their uses and are decent to use in wars/raids but are a little more risky to use)
Ankylosaurus (Ankylos have a lot of bulky and boosting their melee and health make them very hard to kill. Only downside is their very slow movement speed.)
Argentavis (While it is a bulky bird, it's slow and can be wiped by turrets quickly, it can pluck riders off mounts though)
Beelzebufo (Fast, has a large jump that can get into most bases and has a torpor attack, low carry weight is it's biggest downfall)
Carno (Good melee and speed, but has nothing else to benefit it)
Dimorphodon (A group of these quick and dangerous flyers can melt common flying mounts, but it is very frail)
Diplodocus (It's quick and can carry a lot of tribemates into battle, and is pretty tanky too.)
Direwolf (Has some good melee and carry weight, it's pretty quick too, lacks saddle armor bonus)
Gallimimus (Their three seater saddle and speed make them useful speed raiders, but suffer greatly from low carry weight and health.)
Mammoth (It is bulky and can deal a good amount of damage, but has nothing to benefit from)
Plesiosaur (It has decent damage output, it's bulky and fast, and also supports a platform saddle.)
Sarco (It has good damage output and decent bulk with high speed in water, but it's slow on land.)
Thorny Dragon (It has decent melee with a ranged torpor attack and has some good bulk)

D Tier:
(Creatures in this tier have certain gimmicks that can prove somewhat useful, but very risky in wars/raids)
Araneo (It can be dangerous if underestimated due to it's web attack, but it's too frail to use reliably)
Compy (Can be annoying pests due to having a pack bonus and being small and hard to notice)
Ichthy (It's a great and speedy scouting mount in the ocean, but other than that, it has little use)
Moth (It can drop butt bombs on your enemies for minimal damage, but that's like literally it.)
Manta (Can be useful if there are players on rafts, as it can jump out of water and attack. It also has an attack that ignores armor, but again, can die very easily)
Megaloceros (Only the male is useful, and even then it's not the most useful. It has okay attack and good speed to get in out somewhat quickly)
Megalodon (Probably has less use than the Manta and Ichthy, it has average damage output, but isn't very fast and not too bulky)
Morellatops (It doesn't provide much use other than keeping you hydrated, it is somewhat tanky though)
Onyc (The Onyc may look like nothing special at first, but can ruin a raider's day due to it's Armor melting attack. Best used as defense inside bases.)
Pachy (They have some good bulk and damage output with the bonus of torpor damage)
Pelagornis (It's only use is being a flying mount, it can't pick players or creatures up and isn't very fast either)
Pulmonoscorpius (It's too slow and frail in the PvP environment, but has a torpor attack to save it from F tier)
Raptor (While it is fast and has good damage output, it is frail and outclassed by several dinos)
Stegosaurus (It's only use is being somewhat tanky)
Terror Bird (Too frail to do much, but it is fast and has decent melee with a kind of parachute effect when falling)
Triceratops (Basically the same as Stegosaurus)

F Tier:
(Creatures in this tier prove useless to tribes warring or raiding)
Angler (No use in PvP)
Dilophosaur (While it has a ranged attack, it's too slow and weak to do much)
Dimetrodon (Too slow and weak to do anything)
Dodo (I dare you to raid a large base with dodos, give me proof and I'll put it in S tier)
Dung Beetle (They are way too slow, weak, and frail to do a single thing)
Jerboa (Literally does nothing but look cute)
Kairuku (No use in PvP)
Lystrosaurus (No use in PvP)
Mesopithecus (While it can throw poop, most people only use it for that to throw shade)
Oviraptor (No use in PvP)
Parasaur (Sorry Jen, but it isn't useful in PvP!)
Phiomia (Not really useful at doing anything)
Vulture (Pretty much no use in PvP)

https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/fo ... tier-list/
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