Update 1.096 21 GENNAIO

Update 1.096 21 GENNAIO

Messaggioda cantack » 21 gen 2017, 10:49


The full patch notes are below.
Added support for multiple players in vehicles (GAV and Rover only)
Added new loading screen with hints
Added a function to clean your helmet lens (K key by default)
Added escape pod to spawn position; harvestable for resources
Completely reworked map, now called 'locator'
Added map in ground vehicles

Structures now appears as 'frames' when you are placing them
Mecha Crab can now jump!
Added more panels to airlock frame

Target name and HP moved to center of screen
Green outline on structures removed when multitool not equipped
Green outline is smaller and now pulses
Inventory menu icons resized
Launch button no longer shows after it has been pressed
Added time and hours left in day to TAB menu
Removed shrug animation from TAB menu

Mineral placement refined
Structure degradation is now on a timer, with a reset button (Structure degradation timer is an "Abandoned timer", so if a player doesn't return to the game before the timer hits 0 others can clear it)
Vehicles have less HP
Structure walls and frames have more HP
Structure limit removed entirely!
Removed "pack up inflatable dome"
Inflatable Dome can no longer be repaired

Bug Fixes:
Creature collision in structures has been improved
Days survived no longer resets to 0 after reaching 7
"Disconnect from server logic" should occur far less frequently
Ship will no longer get stuck in the air
Reduced lighting applied to avatar on tab menu
Better tree collision

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